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Parenting with Intention

Please join us!

Please join Dr. Amy Stoeber for a six-week parenting class focused on attachment, attunement and nurturing your child. You will be immersed in reflective discussion and education around ways to connect with your child. By the end of the series, you will better understand your parenting philosophy and your child through a lens of development, biology, and family environment. 

Parents – this is a “deep dive” class – if you’re looking for simple tips and tricks, this class may not be for you. It’s intended for parents who are ready to be more self-aware, reflective, and intentional in the “how” and “why” of parenting.

  • Week One: Understanding Attachment & Attunement

  • Week Two: Parenting with Intention – Understanding How Family of Origin Impacts Parenting

  • Week Three: Reflections on Parenting Styles – Why We Do What We Do

  • Week Four: Looking Closer at Discipline in a Culture of Compliance

  • Week Five: Unfortunate Circumstances and Relationship Repairs

  • Week Six: Consolidation

This is an ongoing series. If you’re interested in joining or having this trainings offered at your location, please contact Dr. Amy.

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